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Welcome to pharobank.com



Pharo Bank has been in business since the turn of this century supplying custom Faro equipment to Motion Pictures and the general public, as well as performing Wild West Casino events throughout the Southwest.  


Faro was the most popular gambling game in the world, throughout the 19th century.
Because of the odds being 50/50 the game was abandoned by modern casinos by the 1950s.
Pharobank is proud to play an important role in keeping this fun and exciting game alive..

New at the Pharo Bank

Pharo Phil deals at the Wild West Casino in Lakeside CA 2016

As of September 15th, 2016, everything on the site has been re-worked. Feel free to browse all the pages on the navigation bar.  Lots of news about Films Pharo Bank has been busy with.  A For Sale page that has a complete breakdown on how to decide what price and style of Faro equipment you desire.  


Plus at the end of the For Sale Page find Faro Layout boards that are nearly ready to sell and ship out at tremendous savings.  

If you have any suggestions on how to make the site better please feel free to email the Pharo Bank.



"Care to try your luck at my Faro table?"