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This website is for the privately owned company Pharo Bank.  Although the web page has been stagnant for several years, I have finally done some work on it and will hopefully continue to update as time goes on.  The Pharo Bank Company is diverse.  It is in business to produce old fashion gambling equipment, especially for the game of Faro, made by PH. Gessert & Co. General Merchandise manufacturers.  We also supply movie and event companies with authentic gambling and Faro tables for rent or purchase.  Finally Pharo Bank owns an extensive old west Gaming Casino, including Faro, Craps, Roulette, Chuck a Luck, Blackjack, Texas Hold em, Grand Hazard, Keno and a Horse Race Wheel of Fortune.  The yearly Casino show we do in July at the Magic Castle of Hollywood, is just one of many Casino Night events we perform across the country.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Click on the navigation bar at the top of the page to review the site.  You will find Hand made Faro Equipment in the FOR SALE heading, See photographs of our Wild West Casino Events in the EVENTS and MAGIC CASTLE headings.  Check out the film projects Pharo Bank has been involved with supplying Faro outfits in the MOVIES heading.  Review photographs of the gambling tables we offer for rent and events in TABLES.  Find out who is behind Pharo Bank in ABOUT US.  Learn about the history of Faro in HISTORY.  Click the heading The Tombstone Affair and see photographs of the Authentic Gambling Hall Pharo Bank once had in Tombstone Arizona.  Thank you for visiting Pharo Bank.


Welcome to the Wild West World of PHARO BANK.


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