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Scoundrels All

Gamblers, Con Artists, Scoundrels All


Whit "Pop" Hadyn is the most delightful, charming and talented con men of the century.  Pharo Bank endorses Pop for President of the United States under his Confidence Party. He is a world re-known magician at the Magic Castle and a master of the shell game.  He also has a line of fine products for sale including his Amazing Miracle oil.  



JEFFERSON "SOAPY" SMITH III, the authentic great grandson of famed gambler king Jeff Soapy Smith of Skagway Alaska and parts around the American Wild West.  Jeff works the shell game like his grandfather and plays out many a scam across the southwest.  Jeff's wonderful book on his infamous fore father is on sale everywhere.


THE PREACHER, alias Brian Tolman, has every number of tricks of his sleeve.  The art of the Faro dealer he has perfected especially when hiding the game behind fake pulpits and Bibles.  A true scoundrel famed at the Magic Castle, Brian is also a champion in the fine sport of boxing, keeping his games safe and secure. 


GERMAN PETE, alias Peter Mennyheart, owns the White Horse Ranch, the finest western towns in the Mojave Desert.  His shindigs are the best in the world; an authentic western adventure where the Pharo Bank has had the pleasure of running a Faro game.  He stands in the photograph to the right of his close friends Pharo Phil, Soapy Smith and Pop Haydn.  


"Care to try your luck at my Faro table?"