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The Tombstone Affair


Perhaps it has been 75 years since a gambling hall has been a part of the city of Tombstone.  However, for a short time in the early 21st century one did exist.  Pharo Bank put together a Casino/Museum/Antique Store, with games and tables that all date pre-1930 with some from the 1880s and from the old Tombstone itself. 



The Casino includes an original 1920s B.C. Wills Roulette Wheel on a H.C. Evans Roulette table top.  A 1880s Craps Tub with a Mason S.F. felt.  A blackjack table from the south side of Chicago once owned by George Capone.  A Grand Hazard table straight from the 1930s Streets of New York.  Along with the old west games Faro, Chuck-a-Luck, Wheel of Fortune, Keno, Bingo, and a very old original stud poker table.  A stage and piano bring entertainment to the gambling hall and a group of private tables.   


The center building of the over 4000 square foot establishment is a antique shop similar to the 3rd street antique store that has been in this location for nearly 20 years.  This portion of the complex is one of the state designated historic buildings. 


In the third room is a continuation of the antique store however set up to provide a parlour and kitchen of furnishings from the era. 

Pharo Bank opened it's casino doors to the city of Tombstone in the fall of 09.  The Gambling Hall museum captured the imagination of tourists and locals alike.  Used in television commercials and for gambling events the Enterprise only lasted into the spring of 2010.  The reputation of an evil little town, brought difficulties in profitability.  Political unrest of the local election, enterprises burned to the ground, bullet holes in my parlour windows all sent the clear message of prosperity in the town.  Thus the 3rd street endeavor came to a short but memorable end.Enter subhead content here

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"Care to try your luck at my Faro table?"