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Pharo Bank Equipment


Above is a photograph of Soapy Smith's Faro table from the 1890s.  The essential elements of the game of Faro.  Layout board, Case Keeper, Dealing Box, Check Rack, Chips and Cards.

The Faro Layout Board


These Shay Maxwell Layouts, are the finest made boards of this century.  I can only strive to make them this good. The beautiful tight fitting rounded corners and inlaid metal cards. Silk screened felts made by Parnell Playing cards can be purchased through this site for $50.00 plus shipping.  These felts can also be used to top a Pharo Bank layout board if requested.


This is a set up I made for West World.  Round corners and pasted cards.


An older version of one of my boards with angled corners and screened cards.


Note this is a folding board.


Above are examples of the backs of the different styles of Faro boards.  The top is stained flat plywood with no fold.  The middle is a framed back with thinner plywood in a non folding variety.  The bottom is a framed folding board.


For those who just want to learn how to play the game these Faro board prints are available for .... $25.00 plus shipping.  They consist of a photograph of an original Oriental Saloon Faro board that I own.  The print is pasted onto a piece of poster board which measures 9"x20".  A page of instructions is included as well as a Case Keeper Cue Sheet.

The Pharo Bank Case Keeper


The Deadwood was what I called this style of Case Keeper.  These coffins have wooden beads from old billiard score wires, one is made in pine and stained dark while the other is oak.  The cards are my old style, printed on photo paper and pasted on.  They are both folding case keepers.


Here is a half finished case keeper in the style I like the most.  Notice the extra thin boards on either side of the bead posts.  These boards are made to be removable in case a bead or post is broken.  


These are the beads I prefer using these days.  They are vintage beads purchased off the internet and come in a huge variety of colors.  


The above case keeper shows my current look as far as the cards go.  The new style case keeper is wider so the cards become a little more square. The beads are the wooden billiard wire beads painted white and red.

The Check Rack



The Check Rack is optional for a complete set.  A chip caddy works as well or just stacking them to your right on the table top.  You can use any poker chip but it advised to get a variety of plain colored chips so each player can use a different color which creates less confusion on the game.

Dealer Box & Dealer Board


Above we have Shay Maxwell's exquisite brass dealer box.  When available they also come with a nickle coat.  They are very smooth dealing and manufactured to fit Shay's Faro playing cards.  The Dealing board is optional on a set up but is nice to have, especially if your table top surface is not covered.  The coppers in the upper right are required in the game but a copper penny works just as well, thus the name Copper.  


All of the Pharo Bank products are individually hand crafted.  Each item is complicated and therefore the expected time it would take to fill a custom order is at least 30 days, depending on availability.

The Tools of Pharo: Price List
Most items have a wide range of prices because of a variety of variables that bring up the costs.
1 - The Pharo layout board can range from $150.00 to $550.00, depending on the options chosen. 
The $150.00 base priced board has a stained 3/4" plywood base, with angled corners and wood stained trim around the board edges. 
The base price board has a Pharo Bank felt with silk screened cards glued to the board.  
Disclaimer... The felts were printed wrong, so to correct them 6 of the cards are cut out and placed in the correct position.  It is barely noticeable but needs to be mentioned.  
To have a green felt glued to the board with Parnell Faro cards pasted on the felt and slightly varnished add.... $50 = $200.00
To use a quality Parnell felt glued to the board add.... $50.00 = $200.00
There are limited editions of the Pharo Bank felt in tan, burgundy and gray.  To order one of these colors add... $50.00 = $200.00
The more authentic way to make the board uses a 1/4" plywood screwed to a 1x4 pine structured frame.  add.... $50.00 = $200.00 for the base $150 board.
To use exotic wood like Cherry, or a hardwood like Oak on these framed boards add.... $125.00 = $325.00 for the $150 base board. 
Angled Corners with moulding all the way around is the base style board.
To have Round Corners with wood strip all the way around requires a framed structure add.... $100.00 =$300.00 for the $150 base board with $50 framed structure.
The folding boards require a framed structure and Parnell pasted or screened card felt, add.... $125.00 = $475.00 for the $200 base with Parnell pasted or screened cards and the $50 framed structure. 
My recomendation is a framed structured round cornered flat board of pine with a Parnell screened felt.  = $350.00
The stain color is your choice but we recommend the dark Walnut, reddish Mahogany, lighter Red Oak.

2 - The Case Keeper can run from $200.00 to $400.00.
A basic non folding Case Keeper with acrylic beads runs .... $200.00
To make the device in an exotic or hard wood add.... $150.00 = $350.00 for the $200 base style.
To make it a folding Case Keeper add.... $100.00 = $300.00 for the $200 base style.
To use the vintage wood billiard wire beads add.... $50.00 = $250.00 for the $200 base style, painted add.... $50.00 = $300.00 for the $200 base style. 
I recommend a the non folding Case Keeper with acrylic beads in pine which runs .... $200.00 

3 - The Check Rack is basically $175.00 unless you want to use an exotic or hardwood.
4 - The Dealing Box is $250.00 and is made by Parnell Cards.
5 - The Dealing board will run $85.00 unless you want to use an exotic or hardwood. 
Shipping and handling fees are not included in the prices above. 



I goofed up on this nice folding Faro Layout Board.  As you can see it folds very nicely in either direction however it does not fit when you fold them together.  I did not calculate for the trim.  So I am selling this item at half price.  I would charge $400 to custom make this board and will let it go for $200 plus shipping.  I have used it many times and the fold problem has never been an issue especially if you are not planning on using it as a traveling board, but even then it does reduce the size tremendously.  You should be aware that I made this board with out the HIGH CARD card.  Personally I prefer to play with out it as it was a late 19th century after thought to the game.


Above are four boards in various stages of finish that I would like to finish and sell.  
The top board is a flat plywood piece with pasted cards and angled corners.  I would sell this small board for $100 plus shipping after pasting on new cards.
I took the bait and paid nearly $100 a piece for a casino company to print my layouts on Vegas speed cloth, both on the second to the top and bottom board in the photograph.  The print company and I got our instructions screwed up and they printed white lines at the proposed fold points.  These are not folding boards so the lines can be mostly erased with green and black felt pen which I will do before sale if asked for.  They are both full size boards with angled corners on plywood.  I would put framed backs on them for an additional price.  Once I finish the trim around these boards I will sell each one for $125 plus shipping.  
The third from the top has angled corners and has the cards screened on the felt.  As I mentioned earlier the screener also made a mistake so it requires the six cards on the right to be cut out and re-glued on the board.  This board is a non folder with a framed back.  After finishing the trim I will sell this board for $150 plus shipping. 

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