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Famous Faro Dealers

The Faro Manufacturing sydicate of the modern age. 


In the early 21st century a few brave entrepreneurs dove into the world of H.C. Evans and Geo Mason and Will & Fink.  Little did they know the Faro industry would not become huge. From left to right... Phillip Gessert of Pharo Bank, Shay Maxwell of Parnell Playing Cards and Don van Staaten of Indian Head Manufacturing.  Standing together in the Gessert's private saloon in the town of Benson Arizona.  Back in those days these three famous dealers were working together, running the Faro games for the Oriental Saloon of Tombstone AZ Casino Night.



Shay Maxwell is the founder of the modern Faro movement in America.  His Parnell Playing cards are famous throughout the world and are the highest quality cards sold today.  The exceptional workmanship in his Faro equipment makes them the very top of the line.  


PICO PISTOLERO. alias Warren Yeager,  The Faro King of California might be the busiest paid Faro dealer in the country, and a fine gentleman at that.  If only he could shake the rascal reputation he has acquired.  


WYATT EARP, alias Pat Ira Neff, Deals Faro in the grand town of Fort Worth Texas.  Home of the White Elephant Saloon and Luke Short, along with the famous Stockyards.  A lawman to the end, unless the sure fire swindle at the Faro table arises.  


BAT MASTERSON, alias Jerry Eastman, also from hells half acre in Fort Worth Texas.  Seated here at his Faro table with some local notables beside him.


DOC HOLLIDAY, alias Stephen Keith famed Faro dealer and actor from the town to tough to die, Tombstone Arizona. He brings an elegance of style to the cheating in his game. 


WYATT LEIGH. alias Wyatt Leigh Gilmore Gessert, the young protege Pharo Phil Gessert.  Although he is new to the fraternity of the Green Cloth, he may be the best looking dealer of them all.     

I have no photos, but some of my friends and fellow Faro dealers need to be mentioned on this page.  Jon Fortunto has the best collection of antique gambling equipment I have ever seen, from photographs.  His knowledge of the games of chance is extensive.  Dana Geraths is another Faro dealer and historian.  He started the group, Knights of the Green Cloth, on Facebook.  Luke Short, alias Bob Wood, is a collector of wild west antiques.  Donald van Straaten, pictured at the top of the page as an early pioneer of the new age of Faro dealers.  

I am sure there are many more active Faro dealers and I would like to hear from you.  Especially if you are using Pharo Bank equipment.

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